This variant of ANNAMNESIS is the result of passionate work of the group of specialists who intend to improve medical system in Canada. Your donations and support will help us to develop this test by adding the following features:

Detailed explanations of the symptoms and their causation
Description of the medical terms and related illnesses
Extended list of reviewed diseases
Information on prices of related medications and treatments
Up to date information about the methods of treatment and research centres focused on particular illnesses
Information on different languages: English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindu, Russian, Spanish

Completed package for doctor's office will include:

  • A unique e-Knowledge Base ( working model is developed),
  • Database (EHR),
  • Application of a CoSMoS software complex for ANAMNESIS,
  • Computer with unique innovative WiFi predicative processor (developed with technological University of Norway),
  • Puls-Tele-medic device for patient with cardiovascular disease (developed by group of specialists, Israel)

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